Rock stars die young. This used to be common knowledge. Of course with every year that the Rolling Stones refuse to retire and every concert where Mick keeps jumping this seems less true — the Stones tour for 2020 is postponed, but only because of Covid. 27 used to be the age to die as a rocker, now a swath of hit makers are closing in on 3 times that.

27 Club graffiti in Tel Aviv. Left to right: Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse

It could still be true, of course. How would we find out? How do we find out anything these days? Check Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is of course a massive online, open…

The Cat Sìth is a fairy creature from Celtic mythology, said to resemble a large black cat with a white spot on its chest. During Samhain, the Gaelic festival that the Catholic church converted into Halloween, it roams the lands and if you leave a saucer of milk out, your house will be blessed. If you don’t, your cows’ udders will dry up.

Halloween and cats have had a connection ever since. The internet is of course especially well suited for the delivery of cat videos, so with all the chatter around Artificial Intelligence, I was thinking what would be…

On April 11, 2020 John Conway died of Covid. Conway made contributions to many branches of mathematics, but is most famous for his invention The Game of Life. Reading about The Game of Life in the Dutch popular scientific magazine “KIJK” made a big impact on me and was one of the factors that lead me to pursue a career in computer science. So when I heard about Conway’s passing I decided to create a little cellular automaton as a tribute. This post is about that tribute.

Game of Life

A cellular automaton consists of a regular grid of cells, each in one…

A consensus arises from my Facebook stream that 2016 was one of the worst years ever. This consensus is the result of the same sort of echo-chambering that is blamed for bringing us Trump and Brexit. It therefore only seems reasonably to fight this echo-chambering with facts. Here are four reasons to celebrate 2016 as one of the best years ever.

  1. The Economy
    It’s been eight years since the Financial Crisis and let’s face it, we still haven’t recovered. International trade and automation are destroying jobs left and right, jobs that won’t come back. Inequality is soaring in all major economies…

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Wednesday, August 31 2016 was my last day as full time employee at Triposo, the travel guide company I started 5 years ago with my brothers and Jon Tirsen.

Triposo will continue to exist and will focus on delivering content and technology solutions for other companies. While I think that this is the best strategy for the company, it just isn’t me. So Nishank Gopalkrishnan will take over as CEO who has a lot more experience executing this sort of B2B strategy. I’ll remain on the board and be involved as an adviser.


Last Thursday, Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel gave a speech at the republican convention, endorsing Donald Trump. The Economist calls him corporate Nietzschean.

Photo: Steve Jurvetson

This sounds like a better explanation for his support of Trump than presuming he wants to run for office himself. In 2009, he said: “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” As an hard core libertarian, he’d obviously choose his version of freedom over democracy. Trump’s rise has already all but destroyed one party. His presidency could blow up democracy as we know it.

One of the many other controversial things Thiel has come…

The idea of a Basic Income dates back to Thomas Paine, an American revolutionary. In the last few years it has become fashionable among liberals and conservaties. An unconditional basic income grants every citizen an income independent of their personal situation. It is time to eliminate absolute poverty by paying everybody in the world a basic income of US$ 1.90 a day. We can afford it and it will pay back for itself within a generation.

The American novelist Scott Fitzgerald is supposed to have said once to Ernest Hemingway, ‘You know, the rich are different from you and me.’…

So it is done. The Brits voted for Brexit. Now is the time to pull together as sore losers and study how we can undo this. Forget about rerunning the vote right now:

is not how democracy wins, even if Nigel Farage himself said in May that if the outcome would be a 52–48 split, it would be unfinished business and he’d push for a second referendum.

Three other plans:

1. Negotiate an exit and reconsider

The Remain campaign accused the Leave campaign that their suggested future for Britain was unrealistic. Now we have a chance to find out. The UK should activate article 50

After my last post on how you can blame Silicon Valley for Donald Trump, I got a lot of questions as to why productivity is stagnating. Stagnating productivity leads to people being angry with their economic well being and turning to easy sounding solutions spouted by Mr Trump. Silicon Valley is the self proclaimed world capital of innovation, but as of yet none of the Bay Area break throughs is accelerating the sluggish productivity growth.

But why? How is it possible that giving everybody in the world access to all the information in the world doesn’t show up in economic…

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